Feel like walking to your bed after the festival? Waking up close to your best friends? Have you ever camped in the centre of Brussels? Feel like discovering the city before the festival begins?

Welcome to Camping CHILL at Couleur Café! Every year we receive over 3.000 festival goers (living outside the Brussels area and at least 16 years old) in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Our indoor camping was a big hit last summer, so we decided to continue this extraordinary camping experience. The camping is still located in the majestic, luminous and grand Sheds at Tour & taxis. These antique warehouses provide the ideal location for a pleasant, enjoyable stay.

So, in short, what makes Camping Chill this great?

  • Quality reception
  • Pleasant temperatures in a rain, mud and heat free environment
  • Customized access and sanitary facilities for the handicapped
  • An outdoor area with Grill Zone (where experts cook your meat for you) and coffee and tea bar
  • Permanent and thus proper, clean sanitary facilities with toilets, sinks and showers
  • 100 % Couleur Café atmosphere
  • Since the floor is made out of concrete, you should bring a self-supporting tent and matrass.