Women’s Rights Concerns Us All

You might be surprised if you were told that within the EU, 1 out of 3 women are victims of sexual and sexist violence. Even worse: domestic violence is one of the main causes of death for women throughout the world. Enough reasons to defend this cause and to take action.

Couleur Café is not only about concerts: it also hosts a Solidarity Village that, as its name implies, aims at raising public awareness on humanist and solidary values. For its 12th edition, the Village gathers several associations from around the world that all share the same goal, the fight for women's rights.

The Village will host different associations tackling the following subjects:

  • The mutual respect between men & women through all aspects of life (both in the family and work environment)
  • Claims for sex equality in all sectors  
  • Violence in all its forms (physical, moral, psychological, transgenerational)
  • Mutilations of the physical and sexual integrity
  • Women home and abroad, a cultural exchange

The purpose of it all: have our visitors discovering these initiatives and mobilising them, still keeping in mind that Couleur Café is a festive, friendly place.

The Solidarity Village will host the following associations:

S&D: My body my rights

The S&D European group (Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats), which main objective is the fight for women’s rights, will give the opportunity to meet young activists or to take a quiz.

Amnesty International: Together we'll help refugee women

Amnesty International will highlight the struggle of female refugees and explain to the visitors the difficulties they are confronted to.

Oxfam: Women's rights in the heart of our actions

Oxfam’s stand will be focused on economic inequality, which affects mostly women.

Maison des Femmes - LES from Molenbeek: exchange, education, meeting & well being

The Maison des Femmes - LES from Molenbeek is committed on to enhancing women’s conditions: they struggle for their empowerment and their valorisation, especially women from Molenbeek.


End FGM, GAMS Belgique & INTACT: Stop the sexual mutilation of women!

The European network End FGM, and non-profit organisation GAMS Belgique and INTACT join forces to present you their actions against female sexual mutilation. You can expect quizzes, film screening and debates.

ONE : Poverty Is Sexist

ONE is an international organisation taking action to end extreme poverty. The association is currently focusing on women because evidence shows that they are hit the hardest by poverty. ONE’s Youth Ambassadors, young activists from across Europe, will be inviting visitors to have their picture taken in the "Poverty is Sexist" photo booth, and take action to end extreme poverty and sexism.

On vous attend nombreux au Solidarity Village !