Did you know?

An average Belgian festival visitor accounts for about 1500 grams of waste per day. At Couleur Café this is only 850 grams per person. In terms of sorting, food and mobility, not only do we want to make a difference ourselves, we try to encourage our visitors to partake in these actions. First and foremost by being a good role model. 

How much does every types of waste weigh (in Kg)?

Fractions Kg
Glass 2350
PMD 7300
Paper & Cardboard 3080
Biodegradable 15530
Wood 4040
Residual waste 201580
Oiles 718
Total 54598

How to achieve this score?

  • We've got 180 recycling islands with 3 bins: one for organic waste, one for PMD/PMC and one for residual waste.
  • Cups, cutlery and plates are made from organic products such as corn starch and cane sugar. This has one big benefit: they are 100% biodegradable and thus don’t create any waste at all.
  • Cup Recup: in exchange for 40 cups, you receive 1 free drink. Over 90 % of all cups gets recovered.
  • 300 environmental volunteers will be on the site for 2 weeks to help you recycle and to clean up the festival site.
  • Outside the public zone, Couleur Café sorts in 8 fractions: glass, PMD, paper/cardboard, biodegradable, wood, iron, residual waste and oils.
  • Last but not least: Thank you for your involvement! Keep up the good work!