Hudson Mohawke

Hudson Mohawke

Saturday . Move . 00:15 - 01:10
United Kingdom
Electronic, Hip hop, House, Pop, Soul


Long before he entered Kanye’s inner circle, this incredibly talented Scotsman went from great beatmaker to all-round super producer. As a child of his generation Ross Birchard transcends genre labels; the urban pop music he once created in his little attic room stems as much from hip hop, trap and soul as it does from rock, techno and house. As with every real genius, numerous stars (Drake, Lil Wayne, Bjork, Antony & The Jonsons, R. Kelly, Pusha T, Pharrell, Mark Ronson, Miguel, John Legend,..) have been queuing up to collaborate with him. On stage this young trendsetter takes the crowd into downright ecstasy, but not without passing by every musical path he can…